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Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief

In November 2013, the Philippines archipelago was hit with a huge typhoon that recorded the highest landfall wind speed in history.  The news following from the aftermath from cities such as Tacloban showed a corresponding tale of death and destruction.


Dan was on his way to Asia for ministry at this time, and enthusiastically joined the relief effort. He hooked up with an Operation Blessing medical mission, which was assisted by the Philippine armed forces. Dan joined the pastoral counseling team as they were transported in Navy boats and Army trucks to various devastated villages.


After receiving medical help, survivors were also offered trauma counseling from the pastoral team. The team had leeway to present the Gospel to the survivors, and 85% of the counseled people also received Christ!


Dan also ministered to Tacloban survivors that were brought into a Manila “green tent city.” Most had lost family members from the deadly typhoon.

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Ruben lost both parents in Tacloban


Medical/Pastoral mission in Panay

OB in Panay had Army-Navy support

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