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Sister AnnLeng has been called to be a deep worshipper.


Ever since she was miraculously healed of thirteen sicknesses, AnnLeng has chosen to live a life of being in God's presence, worshipping for hours at a time

at home over the last several years. God has showed her wonderful things that are available to all who truly seek His presence.


She has been given the mandate from the Lord to "Go and teach my people to worship!" She has taken this task with great zeal, and it his her heart's desire to build a heart of Davidic worship in everyone she meets. She firmly believes that worship begins in the home and progresses onward from there.



Together with her husband of 21 years, Dan (an engineer), they have a heart for connecting people to God and to each other.  Dan has received his minsterial training at The King's University (founded by Jack Hayford).


In His Presence Always Ministries also puts a high priority on mission work and assists in disaster relief, such as Typhoon Haiyan.


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